Is Crash diet good or bad for health??

The craze to look good and slim is like a bug. Young girls n women often fall prey to this. The medium they choose is crash dieting. What is crash dieting ? Selfmade diet plan in which one literally starves one body of food and essential nutrients and switch to eating literally very less food ,which goes about a week or so.No doubt weight is reduced but at the same time bodys BMR gets imbalanced .But then who can survive without almost no food andwhen the starving person resumes to normal eating he or she puts on the weight back at a much greater speed . The side effects are body being deprieved of necessary vitamins and minerals ,BMR gets reduced that is body starts burning less calories ,weight gain back . So definitely cresh dieting is bad for health . The ideal way to loose weight is by following a proper calculated and well planned diet plan which takes care of the essential nutrients as well as help you in reducing weight which you will be able to maintain too.