The GI tract functions as barrier to substances from the environment and as an entry point for nutrients. Digestive problems are among the most common problems in healthcare . Dietary habits and specific foods can treat many such GI disorders.Common GI disorders are:


Indigestion(Dyspepsia): Symptoms are discomfort,abdominal pain,bloating,nausea,regurgitation.

Peptic ulcers : symptoms are epigastric pains,heartburns,discomfort,low plasma protein levels,weight loss anaemia.

Lactose Intolerance: An inability to digest the milk sugar lactose is termed as lactose intolerance.In such cases a lactose free diet is given.

Celiac disease: An inability to digest the protein gliadin ( gluten found in wheat ,rye,barley). A gluten free diet is the only cure for celiac disease.

Gastritis: It is the most common problem among the population. Inflammation of mucosal surface of the stomach is called gastritis.Symptoms are anorexia,nausea,epigastric pain.

Gastroenteritis: It is an inflammation of the stomach and intestinal lining.Eating seafoods,mushrooms,drinking excess alcohol,food allergies ,food borne illness ,intestinal viruses can cause gastroenteritis.


We at Get Nourished Diet Clinic provide a nutritional management for the above GI disorders .