Raised blood pressure is termed as hypertension.Hypertension is becoming a very common health problem in the masses. With the rapid changing lifestyle approx about 25-30% individuals above 30 have hypertension. The long sitting work hours,Corporate tours and meetings, disturbed dietary schedule, much intake of saturated fats,tea/coffee during meetings, corporate deadlines ,stress are the most common causes of hypertension. Working women have the dual responsibility of home n work due to which less cooking time is available which often leads to ready to eat or ready to cook grocery shopping from the departmental stores.This results in the intake of unplanned calories, less nutrition, more salt n saturated fat in the meals of the entire family leading to weight gain n raised blood pressure . Raised blood pressure often goes unnoticed as in primary HTN  generally no side effects are seen . Corporate tours too lead to intake of outside meals which are loaded with too much of fats that simply goes accumulated in the body.More over there is a much lack in physical activity which too aggravates the problem. This all contributes to the young population becoming hypertensive. It is very important to take care of the health everyday because if you care for your body n health the less health problems  you will have as the age advances.